Bears rally around Eddy 'Dinero' Pineiro, the kicker with swag

October 01, 2019

Eddy Pineiro

Since 1990, according to ESPN Stats & Information, only 12.6% of the total teams to start a season 0-2 made the playoffs. That's a worst-case scenario for the Bears, who fancied themselves Super Bowl contenders after going 12-4 and winning the NFC North in coach Matt Nagy’s first season in 2018.

Enter Pineiro, the fall’s unlikely hero.

“His personality is infectious just because we all know when you have somebody that's just a good person, they smile all the time, they say thank you and please all the time, they're very gracious, they're very humble, that's who he is as a person,” Nagy said on Monday.

“And then as a player you take that and you see what he does and they talk about the swag that he has and everything.”

Rarely are the words "kicker" and "swag" used in the same breath, but for Pineiro, it fits.

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